Base64 Encoding and Decoding using javaScript

Using btoa() and atob() functions:- var str=’123456′; var encodedString = btoa(str); console.log(‘>>>>encodedString>>>>’+encodedString); //Encoded value:-MTIzNDU2 var decodedString = atob(str); console.log(‘>>>>decodedString >>>>’+encodedString); //Decode value:- 123456

How to rename Lightning component

Try to use the Developer Console Query Editor and update the names of the Lightning Components, Click “Save Rows” and refresh. Run this query in the Query Editor.Select Id, DeveloperName […]

Application Events in Salesforce Lightning

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN APPLICATION EVENTS AND COMPONENT EVENTS IN LIGHTNING Create Lightning Event :- “SampleApplicationEvent” <aura:event type=”Application” description=”Sample Application Event”> <aura:attribute name=”message” type=”String” /></aura:event> Lightning Component :- “eventComponent1″ <aura:component> <aura:registerEvent name=”SampleApplicationEvent” […]