Answers to Salesforce Summer ’19 PD1 Maintenance Exam

1. What allows Flows to manipulate complex data types that are
 often returned from calls to web services?
Answer: Apex-defined data types

2. What is the benefit of using the Continuation class in Apex
 to make a long-running request to an external web service?
Answer: More long-running callouts can be made using

3. Which Lightning web component configuration file tag set
 specifies the form factors that the component supports?
Answer: <supportedFormFactors>

4. Which tag adds the Lightning Web Components for Visualforce
 JavaScript library to a Visualforce page?
Answer: <apex:includeLightning/>
Challenge Answer:

Add the Database.RaisesPlatformEvents interface to the existing class.
trigger BatchApexErrorTrigger on BatchApexErrorEvent (after insert) {
    List<BatchLeadConvertErrors__c> errorList = new List<BatchLeadConvertErrors__c>();
        BatchLeadConvertErrors__c blc = new BatchLeadConvertErrors__c();
        blc.Records__c = be.JobScope;
        blc.StackTrace__c = be.StackTrace;
    insert errorList;

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