Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (Winter ’20) Answer

1.When including a Visualforce page component in a Lightning Page using Lightning App Builder, which action hides the default label for the Visualforce page?
Ans:- B

2. A developer needs to make changes to a custom field and associated Apex classes and triggers. How can the developer quickly determine which Apex classes and triggers use the field?

3. A developer is preparing to install a managed package that will create several new custom objects. What should the developer do to understand how many objects can be created prior to reaching the allowed limit for the org?
Ans:- C

4. Which ApexSettings metadata field enables serial execution of Apex tests?
Ans:- D

5. With the Winter ’20 release, which type of callout is now excluded from the concurrent long-running request limit?
Ans:- D

Creating Custom Tabs for Lightning Web Components

// myComponent.html


    <lightning-card title="Hello" icon-name="custom:custom14">     

        <slot name="New" slot="actions"><lightning-button label="New"></lightning-button></slot>

        <slot name="Footnote" slot="footer"><lightning-button label="Footnote"></lightning-button></slot>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<LightningComponentBundle xmlns="">






Setup->Quick Find->Enter “Tab”->Lightning Component Tabs ->Click on “New” button->Lightning Component ->select “c:myComponent” -> select Tab Style and then click “Next” -> Save

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