What is difference between Classic Visualforce and Lightning Components.?


  • UI Generation
    Client-side (mostly JavaScript).
  • Data and Business Logic
    JavaScript Remoting and Apex Controller.
  • Workflow of Visualforce Page:–
    1. User requests the “empty” Visualforce page containing a page skeleton and JavaScript includes.
    2. Page is returned to the browser.
    3. The Browser loads the JavaScript application.
    4. The JavaScript application generates the UI.
    5. When a user interacts with the application, the javascript modifies the user interface as needed and JavaScript application generates the UI.
  • Caveats:-
    1. Complex.
    2. No built-in metadata integration.
    3. Lack of an integrated developer experience.

Lightning Components:-
Lightning components are part of the Salesforce user interface framework for developing dynamic web applications for desktop and mobile devices.

  • UI Generation
    Client-side (JavaScript)
  • Data and Business Logic:-
    Lightning Data Service, Apex
  • Workflow:-
    1. The user requests an application or a component
    2. The application or component bundle is returned to the client
    3. The browser loads the bundle
    4. The JavaScript application generates the UI
    5. When the user interacts with the page, the JavaScript application modifies the user interface and JavaScript application generates the UI.

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